Why Volunteer


Volunteering added with travelling in India is an incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile experience for the participants which cannot be achieved by only travelling around. Here are few points which specifies why volunteering ads up great experience in travelling.

• Giving back something to community

Being a volunteer one gives back or share or exchange the knowledge, experience and culture with local community. Volunteering offers unique opportunities that are usually off limits to a load of travelers.

• Your skills are used to benefit others

If there's anything you are particularly good at school or college or work then you could use those skills to help unprivileged communities in India.

• Opportunity to experience a new culture from the Inside

One of the best things about volunteering in India is being able to spend an age of time in a new country. It's an amazing learning experience that you will see while interacting with new cultures, trying out lots of new food, speaking new languages and meeting a lot of new people. As a volunteer you will get a glimpse into the local culture, allowing you to become a traveler, rather than a tourist.

• Experience personal growth

Many participants from their experience say that they've grown as a person. In most cases participants become more concerned and aware of the problems that world is facing and once they've returned from a trip are usually more independent, more adventurous and more courageous - especially if it's their first trip away from home.

• Learn new things

Spending some time overseas allows you to learn about interesting cultural differences, like what Indians eat for breakfast or how they greet their friends! The world is filled with unique experiences but it's easy to miss them if you're just passing by; try your hand at samosa, explore local customs and see if you can learn a little bit of the language so you can smash it when you get home. It's all part of the experience!

• Gain confidence

Volunteering within a new community is to make sure your confidence properly soar. Get stuck in and speak to the locals, make new mates and most importantly - throw yourself in the deep end!

• Quality time away from the normal routine

Getting bored of your current 9-5? Take a break and travel and volunteer. Not only you will be doing something worthwhile, but you'll get the chance to get focused about where you want your life to go and you'll have plenty of chances to explore and see a new place too!

• Build your CV

During your time away you'll find out so much about yourself. You'll learn new skills and build on your current experience, and all of that is well good for padding out your CV.

• Do something out of your comfort zone

Life is about challenging yourself, so why don't you try something a little different to what you're used to?

• You could learn a foreign language

The best way to develop your language skills is to use it in day to day scenarios, and volunteering provides the perfect opportunity to do this! (Namaste!)

• Friendships, a new family and belonging

Making new mates is one of the best reasons to volunteer overseas. Many participants make lifelong friends that come from working through difficulties and exploring new things together.

!! See you soon !!