Refund Policy

Program cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund of registration fee deposit

Registration fee deposit is not refundable under any circumstance, if the program is canceled by the participant.

Refund of program fee

Cancellation of program: We pay our vendors in advance in order to reserve the bookings therefore:

  • If someone cancels the booking after making full payment before two months, 70% of the program fee is refundable (Except registration fees).
  • Cancellation done 21 days prior to start date, the participants would be refunded with 50% of the program fee (Except registration fees).
  • Cancellation done 7 days prior to the program start date, the participants would be refunded with 30% of the program fee (Except registration fees).
  • Cancellation done within 7 days from the program start date or in case of no show up, the participant will not receive any refund whatsoever.

Cancellation after Program start date: If someone decides to leave after joining the program there will be no refunds for the program fee to the participant.

Cancellation by Moods of India: Incase Moods of India has to cancel the participants program due to any natural or unnatural circumstances Moods of India will refund part of the remaining time period of the program fee calculated on the break-up price basis excluding the application fee and 15% tax charges.

Refund of partial services during program: No program services or excursions are partially refundable or transferable to another participant. If someone decides to not participate in one or many of all included services/ excursions, there will be no refund in such cases. Also these services cannot be transferred to another participant at any time of the program span.

Payment of refunds: Moods of India will refund the applicable refund amount to the participant within three months of confirmation of cancellation.