Camel Safari – Pushkar

Camping, Camel ride and Sightseeing.


The Camel Safari excursion to the holy town of Pushkar is a trip packed with culture and adventure. The highlight of the trip is the overnight camel safari through Rajasthan’s desert. Participants ride their own camel out into the rural desert region and set up camp for an overnight stay. A bon fire, warm cooked meal, and the shining stars above make the deserts feel like home. In the morning, the group returns by camel cart/ jeep where the exciting town of Pushkar awaits. The sacred town is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus, built around a holy lake and many ancient religious temples. Surroundings these religious sites are streets of charming bazaars, selling Rajasthan’s finest textiles and handicrafts, catering to the many Indian and international tourists who travel long distances to reach this special place. The camel ride and the Pushkar experience is an initiation for all travelers into the desert’s physical beauty and cultural wonder.

Details of excursion:

1) 1 night and 2 days
2) 1 night camping accommodation
3) Camel safari through Pushkar’s surrounded desert
4) Sightseeing to bazaars, temples and holy lake
5) Accompanied by English speaking MOI staff
6) Meal plan: Sat :B, D only, Sun : B, D(Packed) only


View of holy lake at Pushkar

Itinerary of excursion

Day 1(Saturday)

1) Around10:00hrs transfer from Jaipur to Pushkar
2) Check in hotel; fresh n up and early afternoon Camel safari from Pushkar town to rural desert. Individual camel riding for approx 2-3 hrs
3) Overnight stay in tents, warm cooked meals for group buffet dinner and bon fire

Note: In case of rain overnight stay will be Arranged in hotel


Tent accommodation in rural desert

Day 2 (Sunday)

1) After breakfast in desert transfer to holy town of Pushkar
2) Visit to lake, bazaar and temple
3) Around noon transfer by road from Pushkar to Ajmer train station/ Jaipur for further overnight journey to Himachal Pradesh


Bazaar at Pushkar town