Frequently Asked Questions

Will I meet other people in this trip because I am afraid of travelling alone?

Yes. In all the trips you'll travel as a group, and two weeks before departure you'll receive a list - which will have all of the contact details of your fellow travelers who are on your trip. Before you know it you'll be chatting away with your group - either on Facebook or email, so try not to worry about that!

When can I book my flights?

Once you have submitted the registration form successfully you will receive a mail with pre departure information containing the dates and timings which should be taken in consideration before you book your flights. Once you receive the “payment received confirmation” from us you are free to book your flight as per recommended dates and timings in pre departure information.

Should I take a travel insurance, if yes which one?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory to book our programs. We have guests from all over the world, and keeping a database of insurance rules of all these countries is not possible for us. Thus we recommend all our guests to seek professional help in their home countries

What kind of visa should I apply?

You are advised to apply for tourist visa.

Please check your passport is valid and has six months left to run the date of the end of your trip. Many countries including India require that for visa sanction.

What should I declare in my medical condition if I have any?

Please use your common sense when declaring your medical condition. For example, we don’t need to know that you broke your finger five years ago but might want to know about a current or past condition that still affects you.

What we need to know is: Asthma, Allergy, Back trouble, Diabetes, Heart condition, Joint problems, Eating disorders, Depression, Epilepsy, Psychiatric illness

What we don’t need to know is: Fever, Acne medication, Eczema etc.

Will I need any vaccinations or malaria tablets?

Unfortunately we cannot give you advice on this as we’re not medically qualified, however your doctor or nurse will be able to update you on any medication you may need whilst you're away.

What is the eligibility to do volunteer in India?

To do the volunteering in India, one should be 18 or above 18 years of age. Also one should be having commitment to serve the community in need.

Is India safe country to travel?

Yes, it is safe for travelers just like any other country. Tourists may attract attention of thugs and because of ignorance of their tricks one can be bothered. But all this can be avoided by simply being aware of situations and always follow the program coordinator. It is advised not to carry expensive jewelry and gadgets with you. For females, it is advised not to wear exposing clothes. Keep emergency contacts always handy and do not entertain any person if you feel anything suspicious and inform your program coordinator about it.

What is the best way to take money with me?

Check with your bank what overseas charges your cards will incur and be sure to let them know you’re travelling! Once you’ve spoken you should take at least a couple of the following - ATM card, credit card and some emergency money. Remember to exchange some money to Indian currency at airport.

What should I pack?

Our pre departure information contains all the important tips for packing which we will send you via email once you have successfully submitted the registration form online.

What should I do once I have arrived Delhi airport, will someone assist me to find hotel?

Once you have arrived at Delhi airport your are advised to proceed towards arrival halls and look for MOI representative with a placard of MOI (Company logo). Our representative will welcome you and arrange your transfer to Hotel. Your transfer from airport to hotel is arranged in a cab which might be on sharing bases in case if there are another participants arriving on same time as you. You will also be informed about your further program.

Note: Please note that company representative will carry placard of company logo and not your individual names.

How I should dress up as a traveler in India and during volunteer work?

There is a mixed culture regarding clothing norms in India. It is important to observe the local custom. However, one thumb of rule is: don’t reveal skin unnecessarily.

Indians emphasize a lot on clothing especially when they are in public and they expect the same from their guests. If you are visiting someone or an institution, dress up respectably. Men or women shouldn’t wear shorts or sleeveless tops. Tee-shirts are acceptable as long as they are semi-formal with non-controversial graphics. It is advisable for both men and women to wear shirts and pants with conservative necklines. Also, Indians like to wear clean and respectable clothing. Even poor people take pride in being neat & clean. When sharing accommodation with other Indians (home stays or MOI house), do not wear revealing clothes outside your room. Summers are hot and hence loose cotton clothing is preferable but during winters, it is advisable to wear warm woolen clothes as most buildings are not centrally heated.

Can I extend my volunteer program even while I am doing it?

Yes, we welcome extensions for travel and volunteer Programs. But we would recommend that you let us know in as advance as possible.

What can I do in volunteering?

You may choose to teach in a school (Basic English and mathematics from 1st to 5th grade)

Assist in day care centers (Basic activities of day care center)

Computer teaching to women (Basic and advance computer skills)

Beautification/ modification/ renovation work in schools, day care centers or community building etc.

You may provide your first and second preferences and we arrange the best for you by considering your preferences and needs of beneficiaries in community.

Do I get interpreter?

Yes, during all excursions, airport transfers and volunteer project you will be assisted with an interpreter.